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Automation Segment - Traffic Light System

In our recent product development we have introduced “Weighbridge Traffic Light System”. This device adds value and increases performance and accuracy of the system. In general during weighbridge operation vehicles move onto the platform before the indicator coming back to real Zero. It happens as sometimes the traffic is very high and everybody is in a rush for the weighment. The drivers are not very much aware of the system should be in ZERO or any ERROR before the weighment. This device will allow them to visually see/Display, whether the weighbridge is ready for weighment or not. This in turn will reduce TONs of error during our normal weighing operation.

Proposition: One weighbridge covers 100 vehicles in a day and assuming minimum 10% of those vehicles were loaded unto the platform before it comes back to real ZERO. Taking 20Kg (Approx.) Error in the 10% of total vehicles resulting 200Kg ERROR in a day. So taking into the minimum considerations Our new device can help to reduce 06Tons of ERROR in a month in one weighbridge.

The technical and operational features are also given below for your ref.
  • Weighbridge Traffic Light System shows driver to drive onto and off to weighbridge controlled from computer software.
  • It brings more accuracy into the operation of the weighbridge, which in turn adds value to the total productivity.
  • It allows the weighbridge – operator to move the vehicle from either side of the weighbridge conveniently.
  • The device shows “READY” in green visuals, when the weighbridge is ok for weighment (absolute ‘Zero” measurement). At the same time the display at the after end shows “STOP” in red visuals.

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