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Automation Segment - Tank weighing

Support Structure Design
  • Using braces to strengthen the tank’s legs to avoid deflection
  • Adding web stiffeners or gussets to the support beams can strengthen the beams
  • Use the same support beam sizes to avoid non-uniform deflection which causes repeatability problems
Live To Dead Connections
  • Rigid piping supports should be located as far away from the tank as possible
  • Avoid rigid piping, use flexible connections along the pipe runs
Weigh Modules
  • Load Cell Sizing Sometimes The Load Cell Size Is Increased To Compensate For Wind And Shock Load Effects
  • Tank And Its Attachments’ Weight = A
    Net Weight (Tank’s Content) = B
    Total Gross Weight = A+B=C
    Number Of Cells = D
    Load Cell Size = 1.25C
  • Note: The 1.25 factor is for low weight estimates and uneven load distribution
  • Properly shielded and insulated cabling is required
  • RFI and EMI can easily affect the microvolt signals of the load cells causing errors
  • Properly grounded cables in combination with a ferrite ring will minimize RFI and EMI
  • Isolate power cables from the load cell cables
  • Provide junction boxes with protection against moisture and corrosion (NEMA 4X / IP56)
  • Providing conduit for the cables will protect the cables from mechanical damage and moisture
  • DO NOT cut or trim load cell cables as this will affect the strain gauge load cell’s resistance and output compensation
  • Always check on the recommended size and distance for the home run cable to avoid signal losses

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