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Solar Weighbridge

Weightrack’s solar power system provides the ideal solution for powering weighbridge installations in areas where there is no mains power. The latest solar panel technology, combined with low energy consumption electronics and load cells, provides excellent power generation and storage.


  • Solar Weigh Bridge
  • Customized Solutions
  • Digital communication
  • Capacity from 200 kg-2000 tonnes per hour

 Solar weigh is made up of four elements:

  • One or more solar panels
  • Mounting support post.
  • Battery pack for storing the accumulated energy.
  • Adjustable solar panelmounting bracket.
  • During exposure to sunlight, the energy produced is made available for both the operation of the equipment and for recharging the batteries. During the hours of low light/darkness the weighbridge system is powered directly form the batteries.
  • Customized Weighing Solution
  • We also manufacture and provide customized weighing solution for different applications and industries. our customized weighing solution is as per the requirments of the clients. All data can be stored and updated into a single ERP software.the solution can also run on LAN or WAN.
  • We pride ourselves on providing software "tailored exactly to the clients requirements" Please discuss any options you wish to add or omit as we have literally hundreds of combinations on offer to make your package exactly how you want it.

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