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Portable weighbridge

Basically portable weighbridges are used in Mining, Crusher and Construction Company, because they have sifted site to site.


  • Save cost in civil construction.
  • Save time in dismantling and re-commissioning.
  • Save transportation cost.

The system is a TWIN platform design, mounted on a series of load cells. The load cells are specially made to maintain the platform profile, as low as possible. The load cells are connected together in a fully molded junction box, which also houses the surge protection circuit, to protect the weigh bridge from lightening and other electrical surges.

The output of the load cells are processed by the renowned D400 digitizer.
  • Overall height less than 12 inches.
  • Self contained construction.
  • Heavy duty checker deck plate.
  • Minimal installation cost.
  • Modular in construction, so easy to transport.

We purpose to use a newly introduced world class portable electronic four / six load cell based lorry weighbridge without having a civil base. It is easy to carry and change the position of the weighbridge frequently as per your requirement on the hard soil only.

The rigid and strong construction of weighbridge mechanicals enables practically zero deflection of structures and results accurate weight transfers to the land cells. Further as there are no moving parts in the weighbridge, the load indicator and the associated electronics can be located conveniently any where up to 20Mtrs form the platform.

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