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RF Smart Card Weighing System with Software(Unmanned Weighbridge).

Automation at
Modern Technology :

Traditionally the weighing process in many weighbridge applications has been relatively slow and data collection has been confined to local printouts of tickets and daily tally rolls. Now more emphasis is being placed on developing key peripheral areas. This is aimed at speeding up throughput of vehicles, improving security and extending weighbridge operational periods, together with improving and simplifying data collection and distribution. Technologies employed include Ethernet communication for remote access, automatic vehicle recognition systems, smart card or key readers, wireless interfacing, the world wide web and GSM. Bespoke, yet configurable, software packages can now be tailored for specific applications and are designed for the seamless integration with existing management systems such as ERP or SAP.

Driver operated systems :

Driver operated systems (often referred to as unmanned weighbridge systems) have been one of the most effective developments for weighbridge operational efficiency and security. Such systems offer a number of advantages and remove the need to have permanently manned weighbridges. Access is via a designated swipe card or key and the unit provides a complete material handling management system which is easy to use by both vehicle and site operators. Not only does the system speed up weighing operations, but it also extends the available working period for weighbridges.

Systems : RF Smart card system with networking interface software.
Unmanned Weighbridge System

The Unattended Weighbridge System is a stand alone system which allows 24 hours 7 days a week weighing operations without the need of operator. Due to the system's easy interface it is totally operated by the truck driver. Moreover Imagic Solution custom designs the system to suit the specific requirements of your operations..

System Working For :-
  • Quarries
  • Mining Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Cement Industry etc.
  • Sugar Industry
  • Landfills
  • Waste Recycling
  • Agriculture
  • Asphalt plants

Automated Weighbridge System - Weighmatic is a intelligent solution that turns your weighbridge to a simple unattended terminal, eliminating the need of weighbridge operator. The system can be customized with many add-ons like surveillance cameras, traffic barriers, traffic lights, etc. This innovative weighing application developed by Imagic is suitable for the mining Waste Recycling plants, Biomass to Energy plants, Oil and Gas Stations, Cement Plants etc...

System Integrate with :-
  • Vehicle Position System
  • CCTV Camera & Photo Capturing
  • Barrier Security system
  • Instruction announce with loud speaker
  • Integrate with SAP, Oracle, ERP
  • RFID Integration
  • Barcode Integration
  • PLC Based Intelligent Indicator
  • Traffic light indication
  • Photo sensor based system
Key Features :-
  • Unmaned Weighbridge Software.
  • Robust and weather-proof stainless steel cabinet for added protection with optional climate control.
  • CCTV Camera Supporting.
  • Data accuracy with pre-programmed vehicle data using RFID card readers or Touch panel with user friendly interface.
  • Improved facility control and security with traffic barriers, traffic lights, surveillance cameras etc.
  • Weighing Data Management Software interacting with Imagic industrial scale terminals provides instant access to critical business information such us operational analysis, billing and inventory control.
  • Weighing Terminal with RFID Card Reader or Touch Panel Terminal - for accurate and quick data input.
  • Detection Loops or Photocells - to automatically detect vehicles and transfer of details.
  • Traffic Lights - for safe operation.
  • Exit & Entry Barriers - for security and arranging vehicle traffic.
  • Truck Plate Recognition - for clear identification of vehicles and loads.
  • Surveillance Cameras - for increased security.
Advantages :-
  • Removes the need for Weighbridge operators.
  • Cut operating costs with a Fully Automated Vehicle Weighing Solution.
  • Fast throughput for busy weighbridges.
  • Fully integratable solution into you Back Office Systems.
  • Automatic identification of driver, truck, trailer.
  • The same radio card is used by the Driver at the tare weighbridge as at gross.
Technical Specification :
RF Tags : Rf Tags are mounted on the truck it should be identified when truck entering on the weighbridge we place the RF tag reader antenna s mounted on the weighbridge.
Smart Card Reader : RF Smart card reader reads the Source of material Information with programmed smart cards, The reader should be mounted on the weighbridge or outside of the weighbridge. It Automatically reads when driver shows the card in particular distance (The distance customer should specify), After swiping it stores , truck no , source material (if the same card swiped at the source of loading it relate with the input and stored, in the source It is not accessed it can’t take the load weight and send the alarm.
Smart Cards : RF Smart cards are programmed with user specified Identification No’s. Unique with Each Truck.
Distance(Data Capturing) : 1 Meter ( 125 Mhz) (No Direction).
Networking software : This is the networking software interface with source with weighbridge,Daily it reads the truck tare weight once and it will consider the whole day turn around process once tare completed, vehicle from source swiped and information recorded in the server, the vehicle reach the weighbridge and swipe now it will search and match with the incomplete source,once source matched the completed record will be saved with complete weight information (One turn around trip completed), then fresh source it will start the next weighment, if any source process is pending the system will not allow for next weighment. This is complete networking software with Oracle server, Here we will provide the data saving in internet server (Through Wireless Internet Modem) if Lan Network fails we can save the information in internet server.
Scope Of Supply :
01 RF  Tags Rs. 100 No's
02 RF tag Reader ( Antenna) Rs. 4 No's
03 Smart Card Reader Rs. 1 No
04 Smart Cards Rs. 100 No's
05 Signal  Lamps Rs. 2Sets
06 Digital  Camera Rs. 2 No's
07 Alarm Hooter Rs. 1 No
08 Router – Convertor Rs. 1No
09 Software – CD Rs. 1 No
10 Cable other Mounting Accessories Rs. 1Set
Software :
Front End S/W : Visual Basic 6.0
Back End S/W : Oracle – 11i
Special Features :
  1. In our system we can program as Smart card Reader as Master and Rf Tag reader As Slave , if Smart card reader fails the RF tag reader will act as Smart card reader through software , As reverse as if RF Tag Reader fails smart card reader act as RF tag reader ( Note : Driver should not interchange card with other vehicle ).
  2. We are saving the data’s in two servers, one LAN server, Second internet server (Wireless internet Modem Provided at site) , If any one fails we saves the data, 24 x 7 Hours working without data loss.
  3. Swiping the smart card with Card reader some times difficult for drivers Smart card RF reader we can provide in some distance Like 3 Feet straight If the driver shows the card it will read the information .
  4. If Customer wants the data’s information or status information will be Provided through GPRS Modem in your Mobile phone ( It should be designed As specific Customer needs), The cost of the Modem hardware and software. Will be Extra.
  5. If user no need of providing LAN Connectivity at weighbridge using Smart card itself we can transfer the data at the time of Source access, customer Keep the LAN connectivity only at Source of Material or otherwise at Weighbridge ( One LAN connectivity enough for our data Transfer).

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